Lock screens FAQ

Here you can fins a solution to your doubts about our lock screens.


Can I run Smart Lock Screens without Smart Launcher?

Yes you can, even if our lock screen are optimized to run with Smart Launcher.

Why my favorite music player is not supported?

Every music player use a different protocol to manage music control. Unfortunately it’s not possible for us to support them all. Also some of them, are not even compatible with a similar possibility.

I can’t enable fingerprint unlock.

Fingerprint unlock is supported without the need to enable any special setting. Just set up your device to be unlocked with fingerprint then unlock your device as usual.

I lost my PIN and I can’t access my phone because I typed in wrong email address.

Reboot your device in recovery mode. To do it, long press your device power button, then long press the “Shutdown” option. When you’re in recovery mode, uninstall the lock screen and reboot your device.

Still seeing ads in the lock screen after I purchased SL Pro

Lock screens are totally independent apps. Some lock screen provides the possibility to remove ads, however this is managed independently from Smart Launcher.


I want a refund, for reasons…

Please use fill this form to request a refund. Our team will review your request and will consider your eligibility to get a refund. As described in our Terms Of Service, all refunds will be at our sole discretion.

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