Can I enable Google Now/Discover into Smart Launcher home screen?

Open Preferences, enter Page manager, then create an empty position on the left (right in RTL languages) by either moving or removing the existent pages. Press the + symbol in the empty position, then select "Google page".

Smart Launcher will check if you have both the Google app and the SL Bridge app installed, otherwise it will show instruction to complete the integration.

You will be able to access the Google page like any other page on your home screen.

How can I add a custom font to my launcher?

Download the font on your device, then click on the ttf or otf file and open it with Smart Launcher. Alternatively, you can create a folder in the root of your storage folder, call it “fonts” and move inside all the folder you’d like to see in Smart Launcher. You will be able to switch fonts in PreferencesGlobal settingsFonts.

How can I move an app into a different category?

Perform a long press on an app, then drag and drop its icon where you want.

How can I hide an app?

Perform a long press on an app, then press the “Eye” icon.

I prefer the old Smart Launcher 3 layout. How can I have it back?

Open Preferences →Themes, then select SL3.

I can’t see the notification count, I just see an empty badge.

You can change this behaviour in Preferences Home page Notifications Show notification count. If after changing this option, you can’t see the new event count it means the app has just one new event or it is not providing accurate info.

How can I enable left handed mode in SL6?

Left handed mode was an option available in SL3 to move the category bar on the right.

Smart Launcher 5 removed the left handed mode because now you can manually select the position of the category bar. To move your category bar on the right like left handed mode did, open PreferencesApp PageCategory bar → Position then select Right.

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