Update to Smart Launcher 6

Smart Launcher has been updated on January 2, 2022 to the version 6. You may experience some issue during the update process, the page is here to help you solve the most common issues.

After updating to SL6 I lost my Pro license

Your license is still valid. Look at license problems to find how to solve the issue.

After updating to SL6 my icons are too small/large. How can I fix this?

Hold your finger down in the empty space between your icons.

You should see a menu called "Icon group". it means your icons are now part of an "Icon group" widget. Press on "Configure" and change the option called "Icon size".

Did you remove the Flower/Icon circle/Honeycomb/Arch layout?

No, we didn't. It's very easy to add one of the old layouts.

Just perform a long press on an empty area on the home screen, then select "Add a widget" -> "Icon Group" and select the layout you prefer.

Where are my SL5 backups?

Your backups have been moved to a new folder because the older one was going to not be accessible anymore on newer Android versions. The backups have been moved from /sdcard/.smartlauncher/backups to /sdcard/Smart Launcher Backups or /sdcard/Documents/Smart Launcher Backups.

Where are the SL5 "bottom buttons"?

The bottom buttons are not available in SL6. Our plan is to reintroduce them in future updates. Update: we can confirm bottom buttons will be reintroduced with the next SL6 update (SL6 build 39).

The screen rotation doesn't work the same on SL6.

We are aware of this difference. The old SL5 home screen rotation wasn't flexible enough to be compatible with anything different from the SL5 rigid layout where the home screen was rigidly divided into a widget area and an icons area.

At the moment the only solution to restore the old rotation method is to reinstall SL5 (read more details at the bottom of this page).

I don't like the new folder design.

The new folder design makes better use of available space, by using the whole screen area when you have a lot of icons but only the space strictly necessary when you have a few icons. Also, it is more coherent with the launcher style.

Unfortunately, we couldn't keep both the old and the new folder style, because maintaining two different experiences wouldn't have allowed us to fully optimize the experience for any of them.

Update: we decided to re-introduce the popup folders with a more modern design in the next SL6 update (SL6 build 39)!

I'm still unhappy with some of the new features of SL6

We are sorry about that. As always we will use your feedback to improve our launcher. Our Reddit community is a great place to discuss your ideas or suggestions.

We also suggest taking some time to evaluate the new update. Most of the features have been just moved or slightly changed, you may change your idea after trying them for some days.

Otherwise, if you just want to return to an older version of SL, uninstall SL6 and install one of the older versions using the official APKs available on this page on our website.

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