Released on March 2019

Dark mode

All the menus and dialogs now support a dark theme. The dark theme is enabled when enabled by your system preferences (Android Q and higher), however you can force it to be always active or to be enabled during night time or when you are using a dark wallpaper (Android Lollipop or higher).

AMOLED black

After enabling the AMOLED black option, the dark theme will use a pure black background instead of a grayish one. This will allow AMOLED screens to save even more energy.

Redesigned wallpaper selector

The new wallpaper selector has been redesigned using smooth shadows and miniatures which use the same aspect ratio of the device in use.

Add multiple icons at once

You can now add multiple icons to the home page or to a folder at once. In order to do it, press the button to add a new icon, then select the objects you want to add and click on "Confirm" to complete the operation.

Modular page system

Smart Launcher 5.2 introduces the possibility to rearrange the “pages” which compose your home screen. This allows more customization and gives to the users the choice to enable or disable certain components depending on their needs.

News page

One of the new components introduced with Smart Launcher 5.2 is the News page. The news feed is customizable with specific interests and with different layouts: large, compact or only text. Like any other page in SL5.2, the news page is movable on one of the four sides of the screen. By default, its position is on the top for users coming from SL 5.1 or previous, on the left for new users.

Blur mode

The Ambient Theme is now even more complete thanks to the new blur mode, a complex system of different overlays that creates a perfect blend between UI and wallpaper and guarantee text readability avoiding darkening the background.

Redesigned Menus

We worked on our community feedback and we redesigned every menu to be more consistent and intuitive.

Automatic app page cleaning

Enabling the option Hide unused Icons in the PreferencesApp Page, Smart Launcher will automatically hide icons of apps never used. Nothing will be uninstalled, everything will be accessible from the Hidden apps menu, but your app collection will look much slimmer!

Tools to detect malware

During the last year, we collected many reports of users seeing popup ads and experiencing other unwanted behaviors during the usage of their device. The worse is that many people thought that ads were showed by the app running at that moment. This harms us and other apps, so we decided to take action and introduce some simple tools that can help users identify suspicious apps. The tools are available in:

Preferences > Smart Fix

New Dark Wallpaper

Designed exclusively for Smart launcher 5.2


  • Category bar position can be placed on the left, right, bottom or auto.

  • Apps can be shared when long press an icon in apps page.

  • Appearance settings are now moved in Global Appearance.

  • New share screenshot menu.

  • Home screen gallery has been added to settings.

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