Icon Pack Studio 2.0

The power of a community

The most important change in IPS 2.0 is the community tab. Here you can see other people creations and if you find something you like, you can download it and use it on your device.

Single icon editing

Icon Pack Studio can create icon packs that fit all the apps on your device. Sometimes, however, you may want some extra customization for certain icons. With Icon Pack Studio 2.0, you will be able to give some extra touches to singular picked icons on your device.

Import installed icon packs respecting intellectual property*

With Icon Pack Studio 2.0 your Android icon packs become even more flexible. IPS 2.0 can import any installed icon pack allowing you to modifying them using the powerful IPS editor.


Filters unlock a new world of possibilities in Icon Pack Studio. By applying a filter you will be able to give a total different feeling to your icon packs. Available filters includes color swap and inversion, monochromatic effects and color enhancement. Filters requires IPS Pro.

Adaptive icons on any Android version

IPS 2.0 can now edit the icons in the adaptive icon format. Adaptive icons are customizable with lights, filters, perspective effects and shapes to create high quality icon packs.

Gradients and color everywhere

Now you can color your icons using gradients and you can have colored shadows. The color picker has been redesigned to be more accurate and easier to use.

Compatible with almost any launcher

Icon Pack Studio 2.0 has been tested to work with at least 16 of the most popular Android launchers and we are working with more developers to make their launchers compatible with IPS.

More powerful, more accessible.

We redesigned all the UI of IPS to make it accessible to more people. Resizable preview, helpful descriptions and error prevention allow everyone to be build their own personal icon pack. Android 10 Gestures are fully supported.

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