Supported launchers

Can I use Icon Pack Studio with my launcher?

Starting from September 2023, there are now two versions of Icon Pack Studio available:

  1. Play Store Version Restricted to only work with Smart Launcher

  2. Universal Version Supports all the launchers supported by the pre-2023 versions of IPS

For more information about the changes that led to this, please refer to this article.

Will Icon Pack Studio Universal Work With My Launcher?

Icon Pack Studio Universal has been designed to work with any launcher. However, in order to use your icon packs with your launcher, your launcher needs to support the Icon Pack Studio format, which is one of the most common icon pack formats in the Android market.

If your launcher is listed as not compatible, we apologize but we cannot fix the problem. Only your launcher developer can solve it.

If your launcher is not in the list, it means it has not been tested with Icon Pack Studio. It may work, but we cannot guarantee it.

Compatible launchers

  • Smart Launcher (of course) (ginlemon.flowerfree)

  • Nova Launcher (com.teslacoilsw.launcher)

  • Niagara Launcher (bitpit.launcher)

  • Action Launcher (com.actionlauncher.playstore)

  • Lawnchair Launcher (ch.deletescape.lawnchair.plah)

  • Hyperion Launcher (projekt.launcher)

  • Poco Launcher (

  • Miui Launcher (com.miui.home)

  • ADW Launcher (org.adwfreak.launcher)

  • ADW Launcher 2 (org.adw.launcher)

  • Microsoft Launcher (

  • Evie Launcher (is.shortcut)

  • Total Launcher (

  • Niagara Launcher (bitpit.launcher)

  • Square Home Launcher (

  • Apex Launcher (com.anddoes.launcher)

  • Apex Launcher Classic (com.anddoes.gingerapex)

Not compatible launchers

  • Pixel Launcher (

  • AOSP Launcher (

  • Huawei Launcher (

  • Sony Launcher (com.sonymobile.home)

  • Yahoo Japan Launcher (com.buzzpia.aqua.launcher.buzzhome)

  • +Home Launcher (

  • Samsung One UI Home (

  • LINE/dodol Launcher - (com.campmobile.launcher)

  • Yandex Launcher -(

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