FAQ for icon pack developers

Information reserved to icon pack developers.

I noticed some users downloaded my icon pack after using Icon Pack Studio...

Probably those users discovered your icon pack in Icon Pack Studio! Icon Pack Studio is a tool that makes icon packs more flexible and allows people to build and share their personal icon packs with other people.

If a user creation makes use of your icon pack, other people will have to install your icon pack before to be able to use that creation.

Is Icon Pack Studio an alternative to Android icon packs?

No, that's never meant to be the goal of Icon Pack Studio. A set of algorithms can never replace the creativity of a digital artist. Icon Pack Studio has been designed to work together with other icon packs and make them more powerful and easier to discover.

Can people use Icon Pack Studio to distribute unauthorized copies of my work?

No, we designed Icon Pack Studio as a tool for personal use only. Icon packs exported with Icon Pack Studio contain only the icons of the apps installed on the user's device (generally from 40 to 200 icons), making them useful only on the device where they have been built. We also took some precautions to ensure that APKs exported by Icon Pack Studio are not uploadable to the Play Store. Finally, users are explicitly forbidden from sharing the exported icon packs.

I feel uncomfortable with this, can I prevent Icon Pack Studio to import my icon packs?

Yes sure, you just need to add a single line of code.

Before doing that, remember that by disallowing your users to import your icon pack you will stop receiving any benefits connected to IPS, like the possibility to have your icon packs featured in Icon Pack Studio.

Your users may appreciate the possibility to use your icon packs in Icon Pack Studio, are you sure this is something you would like to block?

This is the line of code you need to your icon pack manifest file:

<category android:name="ginlemon.iconpackstudio.DO_NOT_ALLOW_EDITING" />

Include the line of code inside any intent-filter block with action set to "android.intent.action.MAIN", like in the example below:

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