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Unfortunately, the most recent Huawei/Honor devices cannot install Smart Launcher.

Because of the Huawei ban, all the Huawei/Honor devices sold after 2020 cannot use Google Play Services. This means, you cannot install Smart Launcher using Play Store and even if you install it via APK, you won't be able to activate your premium license on these devices. At the moment Smart Launcher is not available on Huawei App Gallery and even in the case we will decide to support Huawei App Gallery in future, it won't be possible to migrate your previous license on your new phone. For all these reasons, if you wish to use Smart Launcher on your new device, we suggest looking at other manufacturers.

The choice of Smart Launcher as default launcher is often reset

Unfortunately this problems is entirely caused by the Huawei firmware. Every time a launcher is updated the choice of your default launcher is reset. If you have 10 launchers installed, you will have your choice reset very, very often.

Also the choice is reset even if the current launcher is closed in a way that the system consider anomalous.

We cannot do anything to fix this issue, our best suggestion is to uninstall launchers that you don't use and to use some patience :-(

While I was using my Huawei/Honor device, a message appeared saying “Your phone has just recovered from a serious error caused by Smart Launcher”. What does it mean?

You should completely ignore that message, it’s just an attempt by the system to convince you to come back to the built-in launcher. That message appears after a simple crash or a freeze not necessarily caused by Smart Launcher itself. There is absolutely nothing to worry about it.

I cannot set Smart Launcher as default launcher. I cannot find the option where it should be.

Unfortunately Huawei is known to block the launcher selection on some devices, appearantly only those imported from China.

You can read more here:

I tried to add a shortcut to the home page but when I try to launch it a message says “The system doesn’t allow Smart Launcher to perform this action”.

Sometimes, device manufacturers, limit some features to work only with their own apps. This happens especially with quick dial shortcuts. Unfortunately, Smart Launcher can’t circumvent this limit. Our suggestion is to install and use a different app to add the kind of shortcut.

Other issues

At the moment, there aren’t any other known issues on Huawei/Honor devices, if you find any, please report the problem to

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