Released on July 2019

Google Page

You can now add Google Now/Discovery to your Smart Launcher home screen. Open the Page manager, remove a page on the left or on the right, then add the Google page and follow the instructions.

Redesigned Search page

The new Search page has a more modern design, is much faster and includes some modern features like fuzzy search. Also you can now search for app on Play Store.


The notification badge has now the same shape of the icon. The background color is lighter and overall the readability is better.

Custom Folder columns

You can now change the number of the columns of the folders. You can now have from 2 to 6 columns according to your preference.

Other additions

  • New wallpaper

  • Better support for KLWP

  • Added an option to hide the Play Store icon in the app page

  • The topics "Technology" and "Videogame" are now available in the news page (the availability may vary depending on your country);


  • Buttons and other interactive part of the UI now use a more consistent feedback;

  • The news page now uses a more readable font;

  • The option "Automatically hide unused apps" now informs the user when an app is automatically hidden;

  • Improved theme support;

  • It is now easier to find the option "set as hidden" for apps in the drawer;

  • You can now easily access details of apps in the home screen;


  • Fixed an issue that caused the impossibility to get data from our server after restoring a backup

  • Fixed an issue that caused the SL Clock widget to freeze on Android P

  • Fixed an issue that prevented to replace an icon with one picked from the gallery

  • Fixed authentication issues on Samsung S10+

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