Released on January 2, 2022

Home screen

  • Icons can be moved everywhere

  • Widgets pages are now extra Home pages, where you can put widgets or icons

  • Freeform widget editing is available everywhere

  • New grid system designed from scratch to keep your icons and widgets always perfectly aligned

  • Home screen icons can have labels

  • Now you can have multiple Flower/Honeycomb/Arch layouts and place them where you prefer. They are now called "icon groups" and you can add them as if they were widgets.

  • Almost every area of the launcher has been redesigned.

  • The search bar is now freely movable

  • When the ambient theme is selected, the search bar changes its color depending on its position on the screen.

  • The built-in widget clock has been refreshed with new icons and a different extended layout

  • The built-in search bar transforms into a search icon if is resized too much.

  • You can now configure the icon groups directly from the home screen.

  • New option "Rotate on place". If enabled, when the device is rotated, the home screen items will independently rotate while staying in their original positions.

  • When the grid size is changed, widgets are rearranged using the available space.

App page

  • New immersive design

  • The app grid always starts at the center of the screen to improve ergonomics

  • Added a new category "Smart devices"


  • New folder design. Folders still open near your finger but they feature an immersive look.

  • Folders now use the same appearance of the page where they are located.

  • You can edit the folder icon by pressing their title when expanded


  • Kid mode. You can enable an option to request verification to unlock home screen changes.

  • Access to backups is protected by your PIN, if set.

  • You can now select the folder where your backups will be stored.


  • You can adjust your widget corner radius

  • You can change your widget fonts

  • You can launch the app that created a certain widget, by performing a long press on the widget itself

  • Support for Android 12 re-configurable widgets


  • Compiled for Android 12

  • Access to storage is now limited to the folder chosen by the user

  • Removed permission to access accurate user position (it was unused, anyway)

  • Improved support for Foldable devices

  • Improved support for tablets

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