Rolling out in December 2023

New features

  • Photo Widget: Display your favorite photo right on your screen. Plus, get creative with customizable click actions. Tip: Pair it with Icon Pack Studio for big and awesome app icons.

  • Automatic Daily Backup: Set it and forget it! Your device will back up your setup every night, as long as it's charging and has enough battery. Don't worry about storage; each backup replaces the previous night's.

  • Themed Widgets: Not exactly new, but soon available for all! We moved the toggle and now it is easily accessible in Preferences -> Global Appearance -> Widgets.

  • Clock Font: Customizable clock fonts are back! Choose a unique font just for your clock, perfect for when you want it to stand out from the rest of the app.

  • Blurred Wallpaper Effect (for Wallpapers from Other Apps): If you are running a recent version of Android, you may have faced the issue where the blur effect is not working for your wallpaper because of an Android limitation. We implemented a workaround that allows Smart Launcher to access your current wallpaper by requiring you to take a screenshot of your wallpaper.

    Now, if the Blur Effect stops working after changing your wallpaper, you can enter "Preferences -> Global Appearance -> Theme," and click "Blur Effect" to access the wallpaper capturing screen.

  • Dynamic calendar icon: Your calendar icon will update every day to match the day of the month

  • Wallpaper cropper: The wallpaper cropper has been improved with new options


  • The number of home pages available to free users has been increased to 3

Other changes

  • The Calendar Widget now features a button to quickly create new events (only in the larger formats)

  • Fixed a bug that slowed down icon loading in folders

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