Here you can find the meaning of some technical words often used in Smart Launcher.

Adaptive icon shapes

Starting from Android 8.0 Oreo, you can set different shapes for your app icons. The standard version of Smart Launcher provides 5 basic shapes for your adaptive icons. Users who purchased the Feature Pack have access to 20 extra shapes.

Ambient theme

The ambient theme technology allows Smart Launcher to automatically adapt to the wallpaper in use, by changing color of surfaces and texts in the launcher UI.

AMOLED Black mode

Smart Launcher 5 supports both dark and light themes. Users who purchased the Feature Pack can also access the exclusive AMOLED black mode, you will turn the dark theme in a perfect black theme.

(Requires Feature Pack)

Blur effect

If enabled, the wallpaper will be blurred when a surface comes in foreground.

(Requires Feature Pack)

Customizable categories

This feature allows to add unlimited extra categories to the 6 set by default and to modify existent categories by changing their name or icon. The automatic app sorting will continue working even with the new categories.

(Requires Pro license)

Dark mode

When enabled, dialogs and menus in Smart Launcher will use a dark theme. Dark mode can be enabled manually or by setting a condition (time of the day/wallpaper lightness/system settings).

Free form widgets

In Smart Launcher home screen widgets are freely resizable and can be overlaid to compose original layouts.

Icon Generation Technology

The Smart Launcher Team created some special themes which can generate icon packs at runtime. This technology allows to create icon packs which can skin any app installed on the device, instead of supporting only a limited set as standard icon packs.

The app Icon Pack Studio is entirely based on this technology.

Modular Page System

Smart Launcher 5 is a completely modular launcher. The main sections of the launcher are called "Pages" and can be enabled or disabled from the Page manager (Preferences -> Page manager).

In this way you can switch from a very minimal set up to a more complex set up which includes the feature you are interested in.

In Smart Launcher you can set home screen icons to show widgets when you perform a double tap on them. To do so, perform a long press on a home screen icon, then select "double tap" and choose a widget.

(Requires Pro license)

Smart Display Off

If enabled, your device display will automatically turn off when your device is laid for more than 3 seconds.

(Requires Pro license)

Ultra immersive mode

If enabled the Android navigation bar will be hidden while you use Smart Launcher.

(Requires Feature Pack)

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