Released on October 11th 2022

Smart Launcher 6.1 introduces an exclusive set of widgets specifically designed for this launcher. The new widgets are responsive, animated and less energy draining compared to the common Android widgets.

New Clock widget

A flexible clock widget that will fit any space with style.

Music widget

Works with all the most popular music players/services. Adapts its color to the album cover or to your screen, when you are not playing anything.

Calendar event widget

Display your events from your calendars on your home screen.

Battery widget

A simple widget that shows your battery charge and status.

Compass widget

An animated widget that simulates a real compass on your phone.

Note widget

Add colored notes to your home screen.

New widget picker

We renewed the widget picker to make easier to browse your widget collection.

New default wallpaper

Giovanni Piemontese designed for Smart Launcher this beautiful wallpaper inspired by the color captured by the James Webb Space telescope.

Other improvements

  • Smart turn off is now more accurate and inform the user when the screen is going to be turned off.

  • We changed the behaviour of the "delete" button. Now it will be possible to trigger the action by clicking it twice. The old interaction (long press) is still working.

  • New search engines: Brave and Neeva

  • Performance improvement

  • Tweaked animations

  • Wallpaper parallax can be enabled when setting a new wallpaper

  • Improved launcher accessibility

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused invisible folders on the home screen;

  • Fixed drag and drop when the widget page is placed on the top;

  • Fixed several bugs related to created shortcuts;

  • Scroll in widgets now works as expected;

  • The clock is now updating when timezone changes

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