False reports from Avast

If your Avast-AVG powered antivirus reports Smart Launcher as malware, don't worry it's a false positive.

How can I know if Smart Launcher is safe?

You can verify it by yourselves by scanning your Smart Launcher APK with VirusTotal or any other antivirus not powered by Avast or AVG (which are distributed by the same company).


We contacted Avast and tried to solve the issue with them.

Although they recognized the issue, it seems they are unable (or do not care) to permanently solve it. Once in a while, Avast marks a new SL update as malware. People report the issue to us, we contact Avast and Avast manually cleans the error. We requested a better solution but Avast didn't provide it yet.

We are a small indie team and for us, nothing is as offensive as marking our hard work as "malware".

At the moment we are studying a solution (legal and/or technical).

What you can do

  1. Uninstall or disable any Avast / AVG product from your phone.

  2. Help us report the issue to Avast, using their Twitter account, their customer support at customer.support@avast.com or the forms to report a false positive (Avast / AVG)

  3. Avoid devices that have Avast / AVG software built in.

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