License and purchases

Smart Launcher depends on the Google Play Store to verify your purchases. Here are some details regarding our licenses and instructions on how to resolve the most common issues.

I'm having a problem with my license

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Can I use my Premium license on more than one device?

If you purchased a new smartphone or if you have more than one Android device, you can use Smart Launcher on these devices without having to purchase other licenses. You just need to log in the new device into the same Google account you used to purchase your Smart Launcher license.

If you already did it but you can't access premium functionalities, try to restart Smart Launcher. If this doesn't work, try to uninstall Smart Launcher and reinstall it while you are logged into Play Store with the same account used to purchase Smart Launcher.

Can I migrate my purchase to a new email account?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Can I upgrade my subscription to the yearly plan or lifetime?

No, this is currently not supported. To switch to a different subscription we suggest waiting for the current subscription to end, then subscribing to the new plan.

I want to buy a license without using the Google Play Store

Unfortunately, implementing and maintaining an alternative license system is expensive, and the low number of requests we receive is not high enough to give us a reason to work on it.

I already paid years ago for SL3. Do I need to pay again for SL6 Pro?

If you already purchased Smart Launcher 3 Pro you don’t need to pay again for Smart Launcher 6 Pro. If you purchased your license with an in-app purchase, your license will be automatically detected. Otherwise, if you purchased SL3 Pro as an app aside, you need to keep it installed together with SL6 to verify your Pro license*.

You can check your license status in Preferences → Info version.

If you have both versions installed but you can't have your license verified, try to uninstall and then reinstall SL3.

Please remember, Smart Launcher 3 Pro license doesn't include the Feature Pack. This optional purchase unlocks some new features introduced by the latest updates (it's already included in SL6 Pro).

*Please note, both versions of Smart Launcher must be installed and genuine (not cracked and installed via Play Store).

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