Released on October 2020

Scrollable categories

You can finally use a swipe gesture to change the current category in the Smart Launcher App page. The feature is enabled by default, but only if the App page is positioned on the top or on the bottom of the Home page.

If this is not the case, remember you can move your pages from Preferences -> Page manager

Wallpaper 3D perspective

When enabled your wallpaper will move accordingly with your device, generating the perception of a 3D space.

You can find this new option in Preferences -> Wallpaper -> Settings (gear button)

Global appearance

Smart Launcher 5.5 introduces a new menu where you can find all the options related to the Smart Launcher appearance.

Customizable fonts

You can now customize your launcher using the entire Google Font Library. The font picker includes categories and a search box to make it easy to find the font you are looking for.

You can find this new option in Preferences -> Global appearance -> Fonts

Editable themes

We heard from you. In SL5.5 you will be able to tweak your launcher appearance by changing the colors and opacities. You can use the new settings to adjust the app page transparency, change the text colors, or to create unique combinations to customize your phone.

You can find this new option in Preferences -> Global appearance -> Edit theme

Picked icons normalization

After picking a picture to replace an icon, you will have the choice to keep its shape or to change it to match the other icons' shape.

5 new adaptive shapes

Heart, Pebble, Arabesque, Supersquircle and Vessel.

Other additions

  • You can now resize the icon labels' text size.

  • The Premium Features screen will help you to find all the premium features you purchased in the same place.

  • You can now decide to use the same icon appearance settings for both your home page and your app page. You can do it in Preferences -> Global appearance -> Icon appearance -> Home page, by enabling "Use global settings"

  • A new wallpaper specifically designed for Smart Launcher by Giovanni Piemontese available in Preferences -> Wallpapers -> Smart Wallpapers

Other improvements

  • Rebalanced UI for big screens

  • Blur now applies even behind the Smart Search bar

  • We improved the news page with a new UI and several performance improvements. You can also drop a news category by long-pressing a tab and tapping "remove".


  • Fixed a problem that caused icons of different sizes on the App page.

A goodbye

We always tried to maintain old features even when these exist only for legacy reasons. However, we really felt it was time to remove lock screen support from Smart Launcher.

Lock screens were introduced a long time ago in SL2 and even if they worked well enough on older Android versions they require too many compromises on modern devices. We stopped working on them years ago and now we don't feel like we still want to suggest this experience to our users, so we are removing lock screen support in SL 5.5.

If you will miss them, remember that most of our lock screens can work even without Smart Launcher and that in any case, all the lockers will continue to work with SL3.

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