Limited Access To Wallpaper

Why has the UI Blur feature stopped working on my Smart Launcher?

Due to a recent Android restriction starting from September 2023, Smart Launcher can no longer access your device's wallpaper directly. This change affects our UI Blur feature, which relies on accessing the wallpaper to create the blur effect.

I can't preview screenshots in Smart Launcher anymore. What happened?

The Android update also impacts our Screenshot feature. Since Smart Launcher can't access the wallpaper, it's unable to build a complete screenshot preview that includes the wallpaper background.

Why can't I back up my wallpaper using Smart Launcher?

Similarly, the wallpaper backup feature is affected. Without direct access to the wallpaper, Smart Launcher can't include it in your backups.

Is there a way to keep using these features?

Yes! You can still enjoy these features by setting your wallpaper through Smart Launcher. When you apply the wallpaper using our app, Smart Launcher can access it and enable the UI Blur, Screenshot, and Wallpaper Backup features.

How do I set my wallpaper through Smart Launcher?

It's simple! Open Smart Launcher, go to the wallpaper gallery and choose your preferred wallpaper. Once set through our app, all the affected features will work seamlessly.

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