Rolling out in July 2023

New features

  • Introducing the new Weather widget, a multi-page widget that displays forecasts for today, the next few hours, and the upcoming days.

  • Smart Launcher now offers full support for Themed icons. You will find a new icon pack called "Themed icons" in the icon appearance settings. Themed icons will be available on any version of Android.

  • Unlike Pixel Launcher, the Themed Icon appearance will be applied to any icon installed on your device, even those that do not natively feature a Themed Icon.

  • App shortcuts are now available on the search page.

  • Calendar event search: Search and find any event in your calendar within the next 365 days.

  • Setting search: You can now search Smart Launcher settings from the search page.

  • File search: You can now search for local files. On Android 10, you can search for any file in any folder. However, on Android 11 and higher, the search is limited to media files due to Android API restrictions.

  • Added a new home screen animation called "Free Fall"

Experimental new features

  • Themed Widgets! To enable this feature, perform a long press on "Version info" in the preference menu. Then, enter the "dev options" menu and enable "Themed Widgets.


  • You can now hide contacts from your search page. Hidden contacts will have their visibility highly decreased; they will never appear as suggestions and will be displayed after any other contact.

  • The Search Page is now faster and more efficient, reacting to data changes such as when an app gets uninstalled. These new changes make it easier to add new types of results in the future.

  • The weather forecast is now updated more frequently

  • Text previews in the font picker are now editable

Other changes

  • Smart Launcher is now ready for Android API level 33. This change was requested by the Play Store, and it required some adaptations for Smart Launcher to work with the new API restrictions, especially those related to wallpapers.

  • Updated libraries

Bugs fixed

  • Contacts in the Search Page, are now correctly sorted by usage frequency.

  • Fixed home screen animation on Xiaomi devices running Android 10

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