Why is the Smart Launcher rating lower than expected?

In January 2022, an unexpected bug temporarily affected Smart Launcher's functionality for all users. Despite our quick response, the approval process required by the Play Store caused a delay, and the issue persisted for approximately 24 hours. During this period, we received over 20,000 negative reviews, which significantly impacted our long-standing positive rating of 4.4 stars, reducing it to 2.7 stars.

Since then, we have made considerable efforts to improve. These include expanding our team, enhancing our quality control procedures, and introducing more features than ever before. Despite these efforts, the rating system on Google Play has exhibited irregular behavior.

For instance, in some countries, our rating has improved beyond the pre-incident level, while in others, it is mysteriously still declining despite receiving largely positive reviews every day.

We have reached out to the Google Play Store team for clarity on these anomalies. However, due to the proprietary nature of their rating algorithms, specific details about the fluctuations remain undisclosed.

Currently, our Google Play Store Rating varies between 3.1 and 4.7 depending on the location.

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